Game of Thrones. Pythagorean Theorem

OK, I lied.  It’s not about math at all, but it is about triangles.

Sorry to my fellow math geeks for misleading you. Thank you to the rest for actually deciding to read anyways.

This one is about love triangles.

  • Jon-Sansa-Littlefinger
  • Sansa-Jon-Danearys
  • Tyrion-Danearys-Jorah
  • Jaime-Cersei-Euron
  • Cersei-Jaime-Brienne
  • Brienne-Jaime-Tormund
  • Brienne-Tormund-Hound (yah, Brienne’s getting her diva on)
  • Arya-Gendry-Ed Sheeran

Triangulation is a generally accepted method of confirmation using facts that are available and their relation to one another.  This post is not that.

But there are some interesting dynamics at play, nonetheless.


Sansa is caught between two men.  One is a man of honour, the other is decidedly not.  One saved her from certain death at the hands of Cersei, and the other came back from death.  One is trying to control her, and the other is treating her like a child.  Hmmm.b3e6f262c25cd616df6f8c6189318c63-stark-family-house-stark

Sansa has had many influences and many female “role models”.  Between Catelyn’s struggle against power, Cersei’s relentless search for power, Margaery’s quiet manipulations, Olenna’s calm wisdom, and Brienne’s undeniable loyalty… Poor Sansa doesn’t really know what it means to be a woman.  Did I mention that Ramsay also did a number on her?

Sansa is broken.  She has seen the abuse of power and that integrity has a severe price.  She didn’t get enough time with Catelyn or Ned to truly embody their values. Her family was disgraced, slaughtered.  She was used, and abused.  But she got through it and this has given her a new confidence.

Jon is definitely the kindest man that Sansa has had around her in a while.  There was the Hound, but he didn’t really have the “fit” factor (for my American friends, “fit” is British slang for “hubba-hubba”).

There is hope that Sansa will re-discover family and honour by watching her brother cousin in action.  However, there is a looming fear that Littlefinger will be able to play on her insecurities and turn her against Jon.


Jon is a bit of a stud.  I mean, we don’t really give him credit for it, but dude came back from the dead sporting a six-pack.


We can suspect that Sansa will take a bit of a shine to him, especially after she finds out that they are only cousins.  Although we can’t predict whether Dany will find boy wonder appealing, he will certainly need her for her dragonglass.  Plus, they are like, family.

Does auntie trump cousin?


Tyrion is Dany’s latest trusted advisor, but her fave-by-far is Ser Jorah Mormont.


What happens when Sam finds that the cure for Jorah’s greyscale and the fix for the realm both lie on Dragonstone in that massive underground stash of dragon glass?  When Jorah gets there, I wonder who’s council Dany will trust more.  Maybe Jorah and Tyrion will be new besties and we can expect a threesome.  Time will tell


Jaime has crippled a child to prove his love for Cersei.  Euron has two hands, an armada, and really cool trousers.premiereeurongreyjoy

Euron, still unable to gain Cersei’s affections with his clever wit, has vowed to bring her a priceless gift.  What could it be?  Someone’s head, I’m guessing.  Tyrion’s, most likely.  Is he going to end up on Dragonstone as well?

Maybe the more expeditious option would be to serve up Jaime’s head.  He wouldn’t have to travel and would get rid of the one thing in his way at the moment.  Just saying.


Ah, poor Jaime is caught between the one he has loved since before birth and the one he never thought he could love.


Cersei represents all the evil in Jaime, they shared a womb.  She is responsible for the deaths of all their children.  She blew up the Sept of Baelor.  On the other hand, Brienne is fucking awesome.  She is completely Cersei’s opposite.  Not beautiful on the outside, but so beautiful.  She is strong, loyal, full of integrity and empathy.  Like, awesome.

So what’s a dude to do?  Jaime still has some journey left before he is ready for this.


Tormund is not having any of that.  That much I can tell you for sure.b20856d742d22773ae38dd49047a3472

Brienne is his to have. Yeah, baby.


Tormund will most likely torment the Hound at Eastwatch by the Sea over the fact that he got his ass kicked by a girl.  Then, they will realize it’s not just any girl.

I see them becoming best buddies and start sharing stories of how “formidable” Brienne is and go into battle as brothers.

…and then they both become white walkers.

Arya-Gendry-Ed Sheeran


Well, I mean, where to start?  Ed has the voice of an angel, but he doesn’t stand a chance when Gendry comes rockin’ in with Robert’s hammer.  Like, where the hell have you been for 4 seasons?







More.  Soon.



  • Email from Gillian Jema (twitter @gillianjema)

    At the moment I’m really feeling the female power force that they’re running with. The dynamic between how season 1 was all about the boys and now season 7 seems to be the women (as usual) cleaning the mans mess, it’s fascinating to see this overturn of power and how woman can easily be placed into the categories this show has presented.

    Since I usually write down my theories at night (east coast time) I tend to just leave things hanging or unfinished. If you could use any of this on your blog please feel free to, but just a fun discussion with you is even enough for me (you’re a gal after my own mind)

    So for starters here’s my take on who Sansa is at this point in the story:

    Sansa Stark has slowly and painfully acquired the skills needed to rule, or aid in ruling, the seven kingdoms, of not specifically the North.
    (A) she spent her young formative years with Cersi. Spending all that time watching the moves she made, just leaving that impression on Sansa laid the foundation of revenge, using your sexuality, controlling and out smarting the men, Cersci’s cersciness. Then
    (b) she ends up with Tryion as well as Margery and Lady Olenna. Each person continues shaping how Sansa begins to see the world as an adult. And then
    (c) she begins practicing what she’s learned from these women (and one half man) on Little Finger. She’s able to perfect her craft of manipulating him by
    (d) surviving Ramsey Bolton. And while she was tortured and seven gods only knows what else, she finally learned how to become cold. She managed to piece together the bits and pieces from all, but at the moment she is focused on revenge against her own demons. If Jon does go to fight the White Walkers, whether he dies or not she will confront Cersci. I think it goes into a deeper meaning about ruling or being a true leader of men. I can’t seem to put it into words but clearly there was a dynamic between how Cersci ruled, Lady Olenna/Margery ruled, and how Danerys rules. It’s interesting to think maybe this is the reflection the show goes for. Like who really is a “good” king(queen) is there such a thing even as a good leader? More on this to develop

    It’s like they’re telling us that she has what it takes, but she needs refinement she needs someone to make her more of a strategist and not just a mind-games-player. She needs to learn from Jon (a little) and not so easily dismiss her fathers and brothers naivetivity. There’s a reason they are still remembered and beloved, because they were good honorable loyal people. While she sees the undersierables “winning” and even the good people loosing she needs to take good and bad from all parties


    While we’re at it, any thoughts on Bran being the Knight King?


  • bran 1st of his name

    This is an excellent analysis. Martin was caught in a love triangle years ago it is prevailant in alot of his works. Great job!!!!


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