Occam can’t help us now…

I recently re-watched Westworld with my in-laws who had never even heard of it.

It was an interesting experience to watch it again without pausing, rewinding, going frame by frame…  I watched it purely, with very little discussion around it.  And it opened my eyes.

There are so many details that I had missed and so many questions that I was left with at the end.

  • Did anyone really die in the finale?
  • What’s so special about Lawrence?
  • What happened to Logan?
  • Does anyone actually believe in Bernarnold?
  • What’s the deal with Angela?
  • Why on earth would they use a stock photo for William’s wife?
  • Will Elsie and Stubbs find love wherever they are now?

Some of my thoughts have solidified and others have turned to complete mush.  So, I have decided to throw them against the wall of the universe to see if anything sticks.


Westworld timeline

We have at least one more year to wait before season 2, which gives us plenty of time to refresh our memories from season 1.

Key things we know (or think we know):

  • William is MIB and is a board member with a majority share of the park
  • There are a handful of hosts who have “awoken”, but most go mad
  • Arnold died 34 years ago, 1 year after they began the park
  • William’s wife died 1 year ago
  • Maeve was programmed to “awaken” this time and the escape was all coded in by Arnold
  • There are at least 5 sections of the park; Westworld, Samurai World

Other stuff we can observe:

  • Dolores is the most unreliable narrator.  She can’t trust her memories.
  • Teddy was only just recently given the Wyatt backstory, yet he remembers 2 different versions
  • William’s wife died under suspicious circumstances; she apparently took the wrong pills and fell asleep in the bath
  • Lawrence was not at the massacre when “Arnold” was killed
  • Arnold’s pyramid had only 3 layers, Ford’s had 4


Are you starting to remember, now?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be listening to Shat on TV Westworld again, digging up my notes, and posting all my crazy theories.

Please let me know what lingering Westworld questions you have, and we can start the discussion.

The park is now open.  Please secure your possessions and keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.

More.  Soon.


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