Tails from the rabbit hole…

I put a lot of effort into finding that underlying meaning in shows; those details that could easily be missed.  Yet sometimes, I can overestimate symbolism.

Sometimes a fly is just a fly.

I thought it might be fun to share some of the occasions when I have chased bunnies down long tunnels in the search for Easter Eggs, convinced I was going to find something really special, only to fall into a big pile of poo.

One 2 Six

Episode 4 was pretty rich with Easter eggs already but that just made me more hungry.  OK, greedy.


When I saw the new shuffling machine, I knew that was a sign of technology taking over the manual job that she loved.  I was also convinced that the inscription “One 2 Six” must be meaningful.

I starting searching various types of sites for the meaning of 126 and found that it is a pretty holy number:

  • In Judaism, each number represents a letter.  The word for Life is represented by the number 18.  18 x 7 = 126, one for each day of the week and therefore 126 represents creation or even god itself
  • Using the coded numerical values, the Hebrew word “APILE”, or darkness, also returns 126

In numerology:

  • 126 represents a “satanic” influence through the form of deceitful and deformed divine truths.

In Science:

  • 126 is considered the 7th “magic number”.  I won’t get into the nitty-gritty, but nuclei consisting of one of these magic numbers of nucleons high a higher than average binding energy and are thus more stable against nuclear decay

All of this looked pretty promising, right?  Especially with all the 7’s in there.

Then I found out that “One2Six” is just a common brand of shuffling machines that can handle anywhere from 1 to 6 decks of cards at a time.  Consider my bubble officially burst.


86 Sexual Partners

This was a comment that Mr. World made to Shadow in Episode 5.  It just stayed with me as being something so completely random to say.  Therefore it must have a deeper meaning.


This one caused me much grief, but I persevered:

  • “Eighty-six” is slang for getting rid of something, stemming from Navy decommissioning of warships.  The naval term is “AT-6”, which came to be referred to as “86”
  • The 86th floor in the Empire State Building, the observation deck, is apparently the most popular for suicide attempts
  • The plan-b drug is called RU-486.  (a.k.a. are you for getting rid of it?)
  • If the show is set in 2017, Shadow would have been born in about 1986
  • 86 is the number of Clerics elected to the Supreme Council (basically judges) in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  As you will remember from Bilquis’ story, these are the guys who orchestrated the raid on the club in 1979.

The most promising one is the clerics in Iran given the other Bilquis/Shadow connections we have seen.  In the end, I think Mr. World was likely just trying to put him off by telling him his mom got around.


Room 55

This one was so clearly important.  The room number is mentioned by the motel clerk and the door and key are both featured in close-up shotsvlcsnap-error819

This one also led down various paths:

  • In numerology, 55 is an angel number that provides protection
  • 55 is the general speed limit in the US, a metaphor for the fact that things will take their own time to be revealed (Thank you @Gene_Lyons_ for this one)

Turns out that @BryanFuller revealed that it is the page number where Shadow meets Laura at the motel from the version of the book with the Author’s preferred text.  I never would have found that.  It was so obscure, that it made me bang my head against a wall for a good hour.  

After it was revealed I went back through all my versions,  If I adjust my font size just right, I can get my e-book reader to give the correct page number.  



OK, I’m beginning to think there may not be anything to this one.  I will still hold it near and dear, as I did with William=MIB.  I will likely defend it until the end of season 5 until it is proven once and for all that:

Sometimes a fly is just a fly.



I would love to know that I’m not alone.  Please share your stories with me about your Easter Egg hunts gone wrong.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.  I hope you enjoyed it.





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