What’s so special about Laura Moon?


I actually don’t have an answer for that question, but one of the things that struck me about episode 4 is that many of the gods are watching Laura and Shadow.

  • There’s the TV that’s always on … Media
  • There are the cameras at the casino (just upgraded) … Technical Boy
  • There is an idol of Anubis on Laura’s table at the casino… Anubis/Jacquel
  • There are the ravens… Wednesday/Odin

And then there’s this fucking fly…

The fly could just symbolize death and Laura’s seemingly soulless existence, but…

draupnir0I was reading Neil Gaiman’s new book, Norse Mythology, and the very first story is about the forging of Thor’s hammer.  Dwarves had been tasked with creating 3 of the most divine treasures, but this pesky fly kept trying to thwart their efforts.  Turned out the fly was Loki, the Norse god of trickery and a shapeshifter.


Excerpt from Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman

Loki made 3 attempts to distract the dwarves as they made each treasure, but he failed.  He grew more and more frustrated that despite his efforts, each treasure was more divine than the one before, especially the hammer.  It was pretty cool.

This made me wonder about Laura’s fly…. Could it be Loki?

We see the single fly 3 times in episode 4.

We first see the fly with Laura.  She is pestered and exterminates him with Git Gone, but the idea of doing the same to herself comes at that moment.   Could this be a suggestion planted by Loki?  Maybe he put “a bug in her ear”.

We don’t see the fly again, but just before Laura suggests robbing the casino, she asks Shadow to pick up bug spray.

The second time we see the fly is in prison.  It buzzes around Laura and Shadow as they talk.  If you look closely, it lands on Shadow’s hand and then doesn’t move again.  Just as Laura says, “Someone fucked us”.

We don’t see the fly again until after Laura’s death, and consequently, Shadow’s release from prison.  Do you remember Shadow’s cellmate for the 3 years that he was in prison?


Pretty fly, for a white guy.

Low Key Lyesmith…. Loki lie smith

Low Key is the one that encouraged Shadow to read, giving him Herodotus’ Histories of the Ancient World, a book of stories about the old gods.

When he gets out of prison, Shadow “imagines” Low Key at the airport, indicating that maybe Low Key is not still in prison.



Then we see the fly again, for the 3rd time, as Audrey helps Laura to DIY her arm back on.


There is also a recurring 3: from the story about Thor’s hammer, to Shadow’s prison sentence, to the number of times we see the fly.  Seemed like an odd coincidence to me.





Or, maybe it’s just a pesky fly.

What do you think?  Please leave me a comment or could find me on Twitter @jezzie_bell


More.  Soon.



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