Oh, for Pete’s sake. Watch Fargo

10 reasons to binge-watch the first 2 seasons of FX’s Fargo:

  1. Loaded with some of your favourite talent: Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton, Patrick Wilson, Kirsten Dunst, Jean Smart, Colin Hanks…. (seriously, there’s more)
  1. There’s a UFO
  1. It’s so beautiful with the wintery landscapes. Enough to make you properly cherish spring.


  1. It’s like, only 20 hours of your life. I’ll pay you back.
  1. You will gain a whole new appreciation for the local dialect, youbetcha!

fargo lingo

  1. You will totally relate to the motivations behind the characters’ decisions and all that follows. It’s absolutely bat-poo crazy, but it will make sense.fargo foot
  1. It will make you laugh despite yourself. #footinthewoodchipper #andotherplaces
  1. Season 2 features a groovy 70’s soundtrack

  1. Both seasons are on Netflix now


  1. Season 3 premieres on April 19, 2017 !!

…and please let me know what you think after you do.

@jezzie_bell  xo

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