Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Handmaid’s Tale

Can you imagine a place where women are not allowed to hold jobs, vote, have money or own anything?  Where women are not allowed to read.  Where people are divided into social classes that include such terms as “non-persons”.  Where babies are determined to be “keepers” if they are free of genetic defects and “shredders” if they are lacking in

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Oh. My. Gods.

The highly-anticipated series American Gods premieres in April on Starz.  Based on the acclaimed fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman (Stardust, Neverwhere, Coraline), it tells the story of Shadow Moon, and ex-convict who takes up employment with the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, an incarnation of the old Norse god Odin.  It’s a story of America and the tapestry of cultures, values, and

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